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Upon a Clay Tablet
As featured in
"Upon a Clay
Tablet "
by founder
Jason R Eaton

The Clay Disciples
As featured in
"The Clay Disciples"
by co-founder
Cano Graham

Eytons' Earth
As studied by
Eytons' Earth


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Jason. R Eaton

GreenClays.com was created by me: Jason R. Eaton, founder of Eytons' Earth.  With nearly 25 years experience working with and sourcing healing clays, I discovered the art of healing with clay in my late teens, which I used to treat a very serious chronic skin condition. 

Amazed at clays potential, I then spent five years acquiring nearly every book/paper written about the use of therapeutic clay.  During this period, I studied the science of clay chemistry, the theory of clay use (methods of action), and clay's practical "real world" applications. 

After running a global email forum list for many years along with my not-for-profit informational website, I eventually went on to write the book "Upon a Clay Tablet:  The Definitive Guide to Healing with Homeostatic Clay". Today, I continue my explorations as a well established leader and pioneer in clay therapeutics.

Cano Graham
Greenclays.com was co-founded by Cano Graham, author of "The Clay Disciples".  Cano ran an amazing healing retreat center in the far reaches of the Mojave Desert called "The Crystal Cross Clay Healing Center", where-- by trial and error-- he learned the art of clay therapy.  Cano provided one of the only clay magma bath facilities made with true healing grade clay:  The green desert clay we sell and use today.

Both Jason and Cano spent many years hand-selecting and hand  gathering clay for therapeutic use, before exploring its commercial applications. 

With over 15 years of experience studying all types of healing clays from around the world, we have formed this wholesale/bulk sales company to address the emerging needs of the rapidly growing therapeutic clay market.

We know clay!

We plan to continue to expand our line of world class custom products, including providing unique clays and clay blends available at wholesale pricing and packaging.

  • We are a family owned and operated company

  • We deal only with the highest grade clays - no exceptions

  • We strive to adhere to the highest level of integrity in our business dealings

  • We have nearly a 100% customer satisfaction rating

  • We operate off the principle of attraction rather than promotion.

Please bear with us as we grow, and check back often!深夜聊吧网站深夜聊吧网站,丝袜花的做法丝袜花的做法,丝袜英语咋说丝袜英语咋说

Please note that we are a wholesale/bulk clay distribution company, and do not offer retail product sizes or retail packaging. Our products are not labeled for human or animal use. Luckily, there are many resources now available on how to use traditional-use therapeutic clays.

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We Specialize in wholesale and bulk sales of the finest quality therapeutic, homeostatic therapeutic calcium bentonite / montmorillonite in the United States.

None of the statements on this website have been reviewed by the FDA. No products presented are designed to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness.